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How We Change Girls Lives

Radiant Girls Programs are designed to bring out the Real Girl inside and let her shine. Our events combine fun wellness activities with empowering coaching to build a positive self-image, emotional intelligence, and strong leadership skills.

Our events feature activities like Yoga and Pilates, Outdoor Excursions, Hands-On Cooking, Self Care Rituals, Confidence Adventures, Emotional Intelligence Games, Meaningful Expressive Art, and lots of Fun & Giggling.

Although each program is different, we follow 2 simple Principles for Empowerment:

  1. Everyone has inner wisdom, that needs to be heard & trusted
  2. Taking care of your body and emotions is the foundation for wellbeing

Sneek Peak into our Radiant Girls Camp


“The girls had a fantastic time at the camp last week. They both have a new found love of cooking! They learned so much about healthy eating! Discovering that they like Kale and Avocados and Mangos, well what a bonus! They have since become Smoothie Masters. Importantly, they had a chance to discover new things about themselves because you provided such a positive and fun environment. My daughter is always hesitant about going new places, but from day one she felt comfortable and relaxed. She did not want the week to end. Please keep us posted on next year as we will most definitely be back!”


“Thank you so much for the gift of Radiant Girls. My girls had a most amazing week and still talk about it today. The things they took away from this experience are tangible and intangible and they are forever changed. I will continue to share your incredible place with those whose paths I cross. Blessings to you both for creating another safe and sacred healing space for my daughters.”


“I just wanted to take a second and tell how much Myla is enjoying her Wednesday night art class. I can feel her energy after a class, and it is just amazing. She’s having so much fun and learning a lot and we have had some great discussions afterward. She loves to talk about it and share what she is learning. She even teaches us how to do the crafts afterwards which has resulted in some great activities and conversations. We did a dream board together and it was so nice. Then she helped her little sister make her own Joy jar which was lots of fun and she also made one for a friend for her birthday. She is really shining in this program as I knew she would. Thank you for creating these wonderful moments and amazing classes.”


Radiant Girls - Gina Faubert
Radiant Girls - Gina Faubert
City Line - Gina Faubert - Radiant Girls
Radiant Girls - Gina Faubert
Radiant Girls - Gina Faubert
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Radiant Girls - Gina Faubert
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