Our Incredible Village

These inspiring people give their heart and soul to helping our daughters become radiant!

Gina Faubert

Gina Faubert founded the Radiant Girls Leadership Foundation in February 2008, realizing a dream she had cherished since the age of 15: to empower girls through health and wellness. From an early age, Gina understood how physical activity could reduce anxiety and build self-confidence. She also recognized the critical role of proper nutrition in improving mood and focus. Her mission is to provide all girls with access to empowering and engaging wellness programs, a supportive peer community, and knowledgeable mentors during their tween and teen years.

Below is a group of incredible women who have joined our Radiant Girls Village with the same mission and vision. These remarkable individuals bring their energy, wisdom, and skills to our programs in various capacities, including as guest speakers, advisors, board members, and support staff. Each one of them contributes to our girls with an open heart, making a significant impact, and allowing us to offer our quality camps, classes, and coaching programs and serve more girls every year. Each and every one of these women is a rock star in their own industries and families, and an honour to have as part of our Village.

Monica Graves

The founder of Glamjulz, a jewelry company that specializes in creating custom jewelry for women to express their individuality 


Julie Lafleur

Julie Lafleur is a corporate burnout survivor turned wellness practitioner. She works with individuals to empower them to optimize their well-being and gain inner peace. 


Jennifer Lyall

Jennifer Lyall is an Intuitive Business Mentor and Chief Energy Optimizer. She helps individuals expand their awareness of the responsibility of how they use their energy appropriately to be their best selves. 


Andrea Kovacevich

Andrea is the owner of Beyond Skin Spa, her mission is to make individuals feel empowered in their skin with her specialized ability to treat skin concerns. 


Gail Carruthers

Owner of Skye Blue Acres. For 30 years, horses have been used in therapeutic practice, Gail uses her knowledge as an EAL Certified Instructor for young girls to learn the importance of leadership


Amelia Sher

Amelia is a certified Personal Trainer and Krav Maga Instructor, empowering young girls within the girls+ program at Spartan Krav Maga. 


Kristy MacMillan

Kristy is a SUP World Champion and a Mental Performance Coach strengthing athletes’ mental capabilities in sports.


Natasha Stasiuk

Natasha is a Canadian Olympic Golfer with special needs, spreading awareness for the neurodiversity of Autism. 

Shireen Nadir

Shireen works with Women within McMaster University’s Self-Defense Program. 


Tori Durham

Tori is a Second City Performer & Improv Expert 


Gail Diamond

Gail is the author of the Lemonade Stand Millionaire, empowering parents to teach children about the importance of entrepreneurship. 


Jenn Grachow

Jenn is a Profesional Photographer & an Self Image Expert setting the stage for confidence in your smile!


Donna Pinsonneault

CEO of “She’s Got Leggz” built her business off her belief that all women should express themselves boldly; which can be done through fun, bright leggings. 


Emma Pascu

Emma is an accomplished teen fashion designer and film director, producing over 48 Films. 


Youth Mental Health Specialist, and manager of the ROCK burloak location


Julie Rock

Photographer, Authentic Social Media Expert. Julie has been diagnosed with cancer 4x throughout her life and shares her story. 


Caroline Piggot

Caroline is a Certified Life Coach, she has built foundational leadership styles & strategies for youth development

Elvira Hopper

Miracle mindset coach & inspiration speaker, teaching the importance of embracing your unique gifts.


Ashley Hoar

Holistic Nutritionist & Award Winning Chef

Alyssa Pandeirada

At-Risk Councillor for the ROCK & Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Instructor

Chantal Grey

Psychotherapist & Play Art Therapy


Valerie Spring

Valerie is a Certified Zumba Instructor  at Zumba Fitness

Dana Garcia

Dana is the Founder of “Fit For Fun”. She is a Physical Movement Educator for Kids.