Gina's Story

Gina Faubert has been dreaming of empowering girls with health and wellness since the age of 15. Gina grew up in a stressful environment, with a lot of instability, and a lack of healthy role models. Throughout her teens she dreamt of a place where her family could go to escape the stresses of everyday life, and immerse themselves in an environment of fitness, self care, and positivity. 

Over the years, she discovered how physical movement helped to reduce anxiety, and build self confidence. She discovered the importance of eating well, and how it improved her mood, and focus. But most importantly she found mentors to help her grow mentally and emotionally to build a strong positive relationship with herself and with others.

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As her career in health evolved over the years, she continued to find herself teaching children. In her early twenties, she was asked to work with national and olympic athletes. Almost all of them in their teens. Her classes, where always interlaced with the fundamentals of a healthy mind, and being true to yourself. It was during this time Gina recognized how our culture has forgotten to teach girls the fundamental skills of confidence, love, understanding, self care, and stress management.

At age 25 Gina opened Serenity Valley, a wellness retreat, where she began teaching and coaching mostly women and girls the fundamentals of pilates, yoga and fitness – through the vein of self care, self confidence and gratitude. Though clients requests, Radiant Girls programs began. Serenity Valley grew to include a full service health & wellness program, retreats and girls camps teaching these same skills.

Gina went on to study with some of the best coaches and therapists in the world to become a certified life coach, NLP Trainer, and Mental Emotional Release Therapist. She has studied with leaders like Tony Robbins, Cloe Madnes, Dr. Matt James, Deepak Chopra and Louise Hay. “It was important for me to know that the information and skills I was teaching kids was not only the most accurate and effective coaching, but would truly impact their life longterm.”

Today Gina coaches and teaches internationally, and is a best selling author of The Best Life. Her Radiant Girls programs are primarily held in Southern Ontario. 

“As a child and young adult, I was blessed to have meet a number of fantastic coaches and mentors who supported me when I needed it most. I also was lucky to discover the mental-emotional benefits of exercise. So today, I create environments that fosters the same support I received, in hopes to empower young girls to find their own inner strength and become leaders in the world. Without the mentorship, skills, and confidence I received as a teen, my life would have been filled with constant stress, worry and fear. Kids desperately need to learn how to move their body, how to release stress, and know what empowerment feels like. More than ever, social media, school and our culture is void of these important skills. I believe girls who embrace these principles will be the leaders of tomorrow – and they will go on to inspire others!”

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Gina’s extensive expertise in fitness & lifestyle coaching started over 20 years ago when she became determined to discover how to really inspire change for great health.

Her on-going quest has lead her to become a certified Personal Trainer, Trained Pilates Teacher, Certified Yoga teacher, Certified Life Coach, a Certified Trainer of NLP, MER and Hypnotherapy, a BioSignature Practitioner, and she holds certifications in healing modalities like Thai massage, Reiki and Reflexology.

Through her years of training and speaking to Olympic athletes, Fortune 500 companies, and small business owners, she’s created a system for results driven programs, life changing events and inspiring workshops.

Gina holds memberships with ACMS, IFPM, ICF, BioSig, and sits on the advisory board for George Brown College’s Health Sciences Programs.

Gina has a reputation of being a catalyst that inspires people to undergo significant shifts in there life and finally achieve their health goals. Her recommendations are backed by the latest research and proven strategies for change. She is constantly on the forefront of industry knowledge and goes to great lengths to study with the best health and fitness professionals in the world such as Tony Robbins, Charles Poliquin, Seane Corn, Dr. Natasha Turner, and Louise Hay to name a few.

She speaks regularly on the link between the mental/emotional connection to fitness, no nonsense nutrition, and developing the rituals to create exceptional health.

She has soft spot for teaching girls these important lessons. Gina is the founder of Radiant Girls Inc., an organization dedicated to increasing girls self esteem and leadership, through health. Radiant Girls programs empower girls through coaching, camps, retreats and school seminars.

Gina was also the founder of Serenity Valley Countryside Retreat in Burlington, Ontario, an integrative wellness centre in a spa-like setting. Serenity Valley was open 12 years, and impact on thousands who visited.

Today, Gina is available for private sessions, group classes & workshops, girls camps, wellness retreats and corporate events throughout North America.